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MySQL Manual – 5.1.1 Server Option and Variable Reference

The following table provides a list of all the command line options, server and status variables applicable withinmysqld.

The table lists command-line options (Cmd-line), options valid in configuration files (Option file), server system variables (System Var), and status variables (Status var) in one unified list, with notification of where each option/variable is valid. If a server option set on the command line or in an option file differs from the name of the corresponding server system or status variable, the variable name is noted immediately below the corresponding option. For status variables, the scope of the variable is shown (Scope) as either global, session, or both. Please see the corresponding sections for details on setting and using the options and variables. Where appropriate, a direct link to further information on the item as available.

For a version of this table that is specific to MySQL Cluster, see Section, “MySQL Cluster Server Option and Variable Reference”.


Name Cmd-Line Option file System Var Status Var Var Scope Dynamic
abort-slave-event-count Yes Yes
Aborted_clients Yes Global No
Aborted_connects Yes Global No
allow-suspicious-udfs Yes Yes
ansi Yes Yes
auto_increment_increment Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
auto_increment_offset Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
autocommit Yes Yes Yes Session Yes
automatic_sp_privileges Yes Global Yes
back_log Yes Yes Yes Global No
basedir Yes Yes Yes Global No
bdb_cache_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
bdb-home Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: bdb_home Yes Global No
bdb-lock-detect Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: bdb_lock_detect Yes Global No
bdb_log_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
bdb-logdir Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: bdb_logdir Yes Global No
bdb_max_lock Yes Yes Yes Global No
bdb-no-recover Yes Yes
bdb-shared-data Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: bdb_shared_data Yes Global No
bdb-tmpdir Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: bdb_tmpdir Yes Global No
big-tables Yes Yes Session Yes
– Variable: big_tables Yes Session Yes
bind-address Yes Yes Yes Global No
Binlog_cache_disk_use Yes Global No
binlog_cache_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Binlog_cache_use Yes Global No
binlog-do-db Yes Yes
binlog-ignore-db Yes Yes
bootstrap Yes Yes
bulk_insert_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Bytes_received Yes Both No
Bytes_sent Yes Both No
character_set_client Yes Both Yes
character-set-client-handshake Yes Yes
character_set_connection Yes Both Yes
character_set_database[a] Yes Both Yes
character-set-filesystem Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: character_set_filesystem Yes Both Yes
character_set_results Yes Both Yes
character-set-server Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: character_set_server Yes Both Yes
character_set_system Yes Global No
character-sets-dir Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: character_sets_dir Yes Global No
chroot Yes Yes
collation_connection Yes Both Yes
collation_database[b] Yes Both Yes
collation-server Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: collation_server Yes Both Yes
Com_admin_commands Yes Both No
Com_alter_db Yes Both No
Com_alter_event Yes Both No
Com_alter_table Yes Both No
Com_analyze Yes Both No
Com_backup_table Yes Both No
Com_begin Yes Both No
Com_call_procedure Yes Both No
Com_change_db Yes Both No
Com_change_master Yes Both No
Com_check Yes Both No
Com_checksum Yes Both No
Com_commit Yes Both No
Com_create_db Yes Both No
Com_create_event Yes Both No
Com_create_function Yes Both No
Com_create_index Yes Both No
Com_create_table Yes Both No
Com_create_user Yes Both No
Com_dealloc_sql Yes Both No
Com_delete Yes Both No
Com_delete_multi Yes Both No
Com_do Yes Both No
Com_drop_db Yes Both No
Com_drop_event Yes Both No
Com_drop_function Yes Both No
Com_drop_index Yes Both No
Com_drop_table Yes Both No
Com_drop_user Yes Both No
Com_execute_sql Yes Both No
Com_flush Yes Both No
Com_grant Yes Both No
Com_ha_close Yes Both No
Com_ha_open Yes Both No
Com_ha_read Yes Both No
Com_help Yes Both No
Com_insert Yes Both No
Com_insert_select Yes Both No
Com_kill Yes Both No
Com_load Yes Both No
Com_lock_tables Yes Both No
Com_optimize Yes Both No
Com_preload_keys Yes Both No
Com_prepare_sql Yes Both No
Com_purge Yes Both No
Com_purge_before_date Yes Both No
Com_rename_table Yes Both No
Com_repair Yes Both No
Com_replace Yes Both No
Com_replace_select Yes Both No
Com_reset Yes Both No
Com_restore_table Yes Both No
Com_revoke Yes Both No
Com_revoke_all Yes Both No
Com_rollback Yes Both No
Com_savepoint Yes Both No
Com_select Yes Both No
Com_set_option Yes Both No
Com_show_binlog_events Yes Both No
Com_show_binlogs Yes Both No
Com_show_charsets Yes Both No
Com_show_collations Yes Both No
Com_show_column_types Yes Both No
Com_show_create_db Yes Both No
Com_show_create_event Yes Both No
Com_show_create_table Yes Both No
Com_show_databases Yes Both No
Com_show_engine_logs Yes Both No
Com_show_engine_mutex Yes Both No
Com_show_engine_status Yes Both No
Com_show_errors Yes Both No
Com_show_events Yes Both No
Com_show_fields Yes Both No
Com_show_grants Yes Both No
Com_show_innodb_status Yes Both No
Com_show_keys Yes Both No
Com_show_logs Yes Both No
Com_show_master_status Yes Both No
Com_show_ndb_status Yes Both No
Com_show_new_master Yes Both No
Com_show_open_tables Yes Both No
Com_show_plugins Yes Both No
Com_show_privileges Yes Both No
Com_show_processlist Yes Both No
Com_show_slave_hosts Yes Both No
Com_show_slave_status Yes Both No
Com_show_status Yes Both No
Com_show_storage_engines Yes Both No
Com_show_tables Yes Both No
Com_show_triggers Yes Both No
Com_show_variables Yes Both No
Com_show_warnings Yes Both No
Com_slave_start Yes Both No
Com_slave_stop Yes Both No
Com_stmt_close Yes Both No
Com_stmt_execute Yes Both No
Com_stmt_fetch Yes Both No
Com_stmt_prepare Yes Both No
Com_stmt_reset Yes Both No
Com_stmt_send_long_data Yes Both No
Com_truncate Yes Both No
Com_unlock_tables Yes Both No
Com_update Yes Both No
Com_update_multi Yes Both No
Com_xa_commit Yes Both No
Com_xa_end Yes Both No
Com_xa_prepare Yes Both No
Com_xa_recover Yes Both No
Com_xa_rollback Yes Both No
Com_xa_start Yes Both No
completion_type Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Compression Yes Session No
concurrent_insert Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
connect_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Connections Yes Global No
console Yes Yes
core-file Yes Yes
Created_tmp_disk_tables Yes Both No
Created_tmp_files Yes Global No
Created_tmp_tables Yes Both No
datadir Yes Yes Yes Global No
date_format Yes Both No
datetime_format Yes Both No
debug Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
default-character-set Yes Yes
default-storage-engine Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
default-table-type Yes Yes
default-time-zone Yes Yes
default_week_format Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
defaults-extra-file Yes
defaults-file Yes
defaults-group-suffix Yes
delay-key-write Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: delay_key_write Yes Global Yes
Delayed_errors Yes Global No
delayed_insert_limit Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Delayed_insert_threads Yes Global No
delayed_insert_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
delayed_queue_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Delayed_writes Yes Global No
des-key-file Yes Yes
disconnect-slave-event-count Yes Yes
div_precision_increment Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
enable-locking Yes Yes
enable-named-pipe Yes Yes
– Variable: named_pipe
enable-pstack Yes Yes
engine-condition-pushdown Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: engine_condition_pushdown Yes Both Yes
error_count Yes Session No
exit-info Yes Yes
expire_logs_days Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
external-locking Yes Yes
– Variable: skip_external_locking
flush Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Flush_commands Yes Global No
flush_time Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
foreign_key_checks Yes Session Yes
ft_boolean_syntax Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
ft_max_word_len Yes Yes Yes Global No
ft_min_word_len Yes Yes Yes Global No
ft_query_expansion_limit Yes Yes Yes Global No
ft_stopword_file Yes Yes Yes Global No
gdb Yes Yes
group_concat_max_len Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Handler_commit Yes Both No
Handler_delete Yes Both No
Handler_discover Yes Both No
Handler_prepare Yes Both No
Handler_read_first Yes Both No
Handler_read_key Yes Both No
Handler_read_next Yes Both No
Handler_read_prev Yes Both No
Handler_read_rnd Yes Both No
Handler_read_rnd_next Yes Both No
Handler_rollback Yes Both No
Handler_savepoint Yes Both No
Handler_savepoint_rollback Yes Both No
Handler_update Yes Both No
Handler_write Yes Both No
have_archive Yes Global No
have_bdb Yes Global No
have_blackhole_engine Yes Global No
have_community_features Yes Global No
have_compress Yes Global No
have_crypt Yes Global No
have_csv Yes Global No
have_example_engine Yes Global No
have_federated_engine Yes Global No
have_geometry Yes Global No
have_innodb Yes Global No
have_isam Yes Global No
have_merge_engine Yes Global No
have_ndbcluster Yes Global No
have_openssl Yes Global No
have_profiling Yes Global No
have_query_cache Yes Global No
have_raid Yes Global No
have_rtree_keys Yes Global No
have_ssl Yes Global No
have_symlink Yes Global No
help Yes Yes
hostname Yes Global No
identity Yes Session Yes
init_connect Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
init-file Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: init_file Yes Global No
init-rpl-role Yes Yes
init_slave Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb Yes Yes
innodb_adaptive_hash_index Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_additional_mem_pool_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_autoextend_increment Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_buffer_pool_awe_mem_mb Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_dirty Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_flushed Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_free Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_latched Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_misc Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_rnd Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_seq Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_reads Yes Global No
innodb_buffer_pool_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_wait_free Yes Global No
Innodb_buffer_pool_write_requests Yes Global No
innodb_checksums Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_commit_concurrency Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_concurrency_tickets Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_data_file_path Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_data_fsyncs Yes Global No
innodb_data_home_dir Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_data_pending_fsyncs Yes Global No
Innodb_data_pending_reads Yes Global No
Innodb_data_pending_writes Yes Global No
Innodb_data_read Yes Global No
Innodb_data_reads Yes Global No
Innodb_data_writes Yes Global No
Innodb_data_written Yes Global No
Innodb_dblwr_pages_written Yes Global No
Innodb_dblwr_writes Yes Global No
innodb_doublewrite Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_fast_shutdown Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_file_io_threads Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_file_per_table Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_flush_method Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_force_recovery Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_lock_wait_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_arch_dir Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_archive Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_file_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_files_in_group Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_log_group_home_dir Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_log_waits Yes Global No
Innodb_log_write_requests Yes Global No
Innodb_log_writes Yes Global No
innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_max_purge_lag Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_mirrored_log_groups Yes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_open_files Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_os_log_fsyncs Yes Global No
Innodb_os_log_pending_fsyncs Yes Global No
Innodb_os_log_pending_writes Yes Global No
Innodb_os_log_written Yes Global No
Innodb_page_size Yes Global No
Innodb_pages_created Yes Global No
Innodb_pages_read Yes Global No
Innodb_pages_written Yes Global No
innodb_rollback_on_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global No
Innodb_row_lock_current_waits Yes Global No
Innodb_row_lock_time Yes Global No
Innodb_row_lock_time_avg Yes Global No
Innodb_row_lock_time_max Yes Global No
Innodb_row_lock_waits Yes Global No
Innodb_rows_deleted Yes Global No
Innodb_rows_inserted Yes Global No
Innodb_rows_read Yes Global No
Innodb_rows_updated Yes Global No
innodb-safe-binlog Yes Yes
innodb-status-file Yes Yes
innodb_support_xa Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
innodb_sync_spin_loops Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_table_locks Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
innodb_thread_concurrency Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_thread_sleep_delay Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_use_legacy_cardinality_algorithm Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
insert_id Yes Session Yes
install Yes
install-manual Yes
interactive_timeout Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
join_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
keep_files_on_create Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Key_blocks_not_flushed Yes Global No
Key_blocks_unused Yes Global No
Key_blocks_used Yes Global No
key_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
key_cache_age_threshold Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
key_cache_block_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
key_cache_division_limit Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Key_read_requests Yes Global No
Key_reads Yes Global No
Key_write_requests Yes Global No
Key_writes Yes Global No
language Yes Yes Yes Global No
large_files_support Yes Global No
large_page_size Yes Global No
large-pages Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: large_pages Yes Global No
last_insert_id Yes Session Yes
Last_query_cost Yes Session No
lc_time_names Yes Both Yes
license Yes Global No
local_infile Yes Global Yes
locked_in_memory Yes Global No
log Yes Yes Yes Global No
log_bin Yes Global No
log-bin Yes Yes Yes Global No
log-bin-index Yes Yes
log-bin-trust-function-creators Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: log_bin_trust_function_creators Yes Global Yes
log-bin-trust-routine-creators Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: log_bin_trust_routine_creators Yes Global Yes
log-error Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: log_error Yes Global No
log-isam Yes Yes
log-queries-not-using-indexes Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: log_queries_not_using_indexes Yes Global Yes
log-short-format Yes Yes
log-slave-updates Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: log_slave_updates Yes Global No
log_slave_updates Yes Yes Yes Global No
log-slow-admin-statements Yes Yes
log-slow-queries Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: log_slow_queries Yes Global No
log-tc Yes Yes
log-tc-size Yes Yes
log-warnings Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: log_warnings Yes Both Yes
long_query_time Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
low-priority-updates Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: low_priority_updates Yes Both Yes
lower_case_file_system Yes Yes Yes Global No
lower_case_table_names Yes Yes Yes Global No
master-connect-retry Yes Yes
master-host Yes Yes
master-info-file Yes Yes
master-password Yes Yes
master-port Yes Yes
master-retry-count Yes Yes
master-ssl Yes Yes
master-ssl-ca Yes Yes
master-ssl-capath Yes Yes
master-ssl-cert Yes Yes
master-ssl-cipher Yes Yes
master-ssl-key Yes Yes
master-user Yes Yes
max_allowed_packet Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_binlog_cache_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max-binlog-dump-events Yes Yes
max_binlog_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_connect_errors Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_connections Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_delayed_threads Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_error_count Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_heap_table_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_insert_delayed_threads Yes Both Yes
max_join_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_length_for_sort_data Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_prepared_stmt_count Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_relay_log_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
max_seeks_for_key Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_sort_length Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_sp_recursion_depth Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Max_used_connections Yes Global No
max_user_connections Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
max_write_lock_count Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
memlock Yes Yes Yes Global No
merge Yes Yes
multi_range_count Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
myisam-block-size Yes Yes
myisam_data_pointer_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
myisam_max_extra_sort_file_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
myisam_max_sort_file_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
myisam_mmap_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
myisam-recover Yes Yes
– Variable: myisam_recover_options
myisam_recover_options Yes Global No
myisam_repair_threads Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
myisam_sort_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
myisam_stats_method Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
named_pipe Yes Global No
ndb_autoincrement_prefetch_sz Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
ndb_cache_check_time Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Ndb_cluster_node_id Yes Both No
Ndb_config_from_host Yes Both No
Ndb_config_from_port Yes Both No
ndb_force_send Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
ndb_index_stat_cache_entries Yes Yes
ndb_index_stat_enable Yes Yes
ndb_index_stat_update_freq Yes Yes
ndb-mgmd-host Yes Yes
ndb-nodeid Yes Yes Yes Global No
ndb_optimized_node_selection Yes Yes
ndb_report_thresh_binlog_epoch_slip Yes Yes
ndb_report_thresh_binlog_mem_usage Yes Yes
ndb_use_exact_count Yes Both Yes
ndb_use_transactions Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
ndbcluster Yes Yes
– Variable: have_ndbcluster
net_buffer_length Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
net_read_timeout Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
net_retry_count Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
net_write_timeout Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
new Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
no-defaults Yes
Not_flushed_delayed_rows Yes Global No
old_passwords Yes Both Yes
old-style-user-limits Yes Yes
one-thread Yes Yes
Open_files Yes Global No
open-files-limit Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: open_files_limit Yes Global No
Open_streams Yes Global No
Open_tables Yes Both No
Opened_tables Yes Both No
optimizer_prune_level Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
optimizer_search_depth Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
pid-file Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: pid_file Yes Global No
plugin_dir Yes Yes Yes Global No
port Yes Yes Yes Global No
port-open-timeout Yes Yes
preload_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
prepared_stmt_count Yes Global No
Prepared_stmt_count Yes Global No
print-defaults Yes
profiling Yes Session Yes
profiling_history_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
protocol_version Yes Global No
pseudo_thread_id Yes Session Yes
Qcache_free_blocks Yes Global No
Qcache_free_memory Yes Global No
Qcache_hits Yes Global No
Qcache_inserts Yes Global No
Qcache_lowmem_prunes Yes Global No
Qcache_not_cached Yes Global No
Qcache_queries_in_cache Yes Global No
Qcache_total_blocks Yes Global No
Queries Yes Both No
query_alloc_block_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
query_cache_limit Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
query_cache_min_res_unit Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
query_cache_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
query_cache_type Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
query_cache_wlock_invalidate Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
query_prealloc_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Questions Yes Both No
rand_seed1 Yes Session Yes
rand_seed2 Yes Session Yes
range_alloc_block_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
read_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
read_only Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
read_rnd_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
relay-log Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: relay_log Yes Global No
relay-log-index Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: relay_log_index Yes Global No
relay_log_index Yes Yes Yes Global No
relay-log-info-file Yes Yes
– Variable: relay_log_info_file
relay_log_info_file Yes Yes Yes Global No
relay_log_purge Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
relay_log_space_limit Yes Yes Yes Global No
remove Yes
replicate-do-db Yes Yes
replicate-do-table Yes Yes
replicate-ignore-db Yes Yes
replicate-ignore-table Yes Yes
replicate-rewrite-db Yes Yes
replicate-same-server-id Yes Yes
replicate-wild-do-table Yes Yes
replicate-wild-ignore-table Yes Yes
report-host Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: report_host Yes Global No
report-password Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: report_password Yes Global No
report-port Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: report_port Yes Global No
report-user Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: report_user Yes Global No
rpl_recovery_rank Yes Global Yes
Rpl_status Yes Global No
safe-mode Yes Yes
safe-show-database Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
safe-user-create Yes Yes
safemalloc-mem-limit Yes Yes
secure-auth Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: secure_auth Yes Global Yes
secure-file-priv Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: secure_file_priv Yes Global No
Select_full_join Yes Both No
Select_full_range_join Yes Both No
Select_range Yes Both No
Select_range_check Yes Both No
Select_scan Yes Both No
server-id Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: server_id Yes Global Yes
set-variable Yes Yes
shared_memory Yes Global No
shared_memory_base_name Yes Global No
show-slave-auth-info Yes Yes
skip-bdb Yes Yes
skip-character-set-client-handshake Yes Yes
skip-concurrent-insert Yes Yes
– Variable: concurrent_insert
skip-external-locking Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: skip_external_locking Yes Global No
skip-grant-tables Yes Yes
skip-host-cache Yes Yes
skip-locking Yes Yes
skip-log-warnings Yes
skip-merge Yes Yes
– Variable:
skip-name-resolve Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: skip_name_resolve Yes Global No
skip-networking Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: skip_networking Yes Global No
skip-new Yes Yes
skip-safemalloc Yes Yes
skip-show-database Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: skip_show_database Yes Global No
skip-slave-start Yes Yes
skip-ssl Yes Yes
skip-stack-trace Yes Yes
skip-symbolic-links Yes
skip-symlink Yes Yes
skip-sync-bdb-logs Yes Yes Yes Global No
skip-thread-priority Yes Yes
slave_compressed_protocol Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
slave-load-tmpdir Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: slave_load_tmpdir Yes Global No
slave-net-timeout Yes Yes Global Yes
– Variable: slave_net_timeout Yes Global Yes
Slave_open_temp_tables Yes Global No
Slave_retried_transactions Yes Global No
Slave_running Yes Global No
slave-skip-errors Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: slave_skip_errors Yes Global No
slave_transaction_retries Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Slow_launch_threads Yes Both No
slow_launch_time Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Slow_queries Yes Both No
socket Yes Yes Yes Global No
sort_buffer_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Sort_merge_passes Yes Both No
Sort_range Yes Both No
Sort_rows Yes Both No
Sort_scan Yes Both No
sporadic-binlog-dump-fail Yes Yes
sql_auto_is_null Yes Session Yes
sql_big_selects Yes Session Yes
sql_big_tables Yes Session Yes
sql_buffer_result Yes Session Yes
sql_log_bin Yes Session Yes
sql_log_off Yes Session Yes
sql_log_update Yes Session Yes
sql_low_priority_updates Yes Both Yes
sql_max_join_size Yes Both Yes
sql-mode Yes Yes Both Yes
– Variable: sql_mode Yes Both Yes
sql_notes Yes Session Yes
sql_quote_show_create Yes Session Yes
sql_safe_updates Yes Session Yes
sql_select_limit Yes Both Yes
sql_slave_skip_counter Yes Global Yes
sql_warnings Yes Session Yes
ssl Yes Yes
Ssl_accept_renegotiates Yes Global No
Ssl_accepts Yes Global No
ssl-ca Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: ssl_ca Yes Global No
Ssl_callback_cache_hits Yes Global No
ssl-capath Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: ssl_capath Yes Global No
ssl-cert Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: ssl_cert Yes Global No
ssl-cipher Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: ssl_cipher Yes Global No
Ssl_cipher Yes Both No
Ssl_cipher_list Yes Both No
Ssl_client_connects Yes Global No
Ssl_connect_renegotiates Yes Global No
Ssl_ctx_verify_depth Yes Global No
Ssl_ctx_verify_mode Yes Global No
Ssl_default_timeout Yes Both No
Ssl_finished_accepts Yes Global No
Ssl_finished_connects Yes Global No
ssl-key Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: ssl_key Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_hits Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_misses Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_mode Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_overflows Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_size Yes Global No
Ssl_session_cache_timeouts Yes Global No
Ssl_sessions_reused Yes Both No
Ssl_used_session_cache_entries Yes Global No
Ssl_verify_depth Yes Both No
Ssl_verify_mode Yes Both No
Ssl_version Yes Both No
standalone Yes Yes
storage_engine Yes Both Yes
symbolic-links Yes Yes
sync-bdb-logs Yes Yes Global No
– Variable: sync_bdb_logs Yes Global No
sync_binlog Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
sync_frm Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
sysdate-is-now Yes Yes
system_time_zone Yes Global No
table_cache Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
table_lock_wait_timeout Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
Table_locks_immediate Yes Global No
Table_locks_waited Yes Global No
table_type Yes Both Yes
tc-heuristic-recover Yes Yes
Tc_log_max_pages_used Yes Global No
Tc_log_page_size Yes Global No
Tc_log_page_waits Yes Global No
temp-pool Yes Yes
thread_cache_size Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_concurrency Yes Yes Yes Global No
thread_stack Yes Yes Yes Global No
Threads_cached Yes Global No
Threads_connected Yes Global No
Threads_created Yes Global No
Threads_running Yes Global No
time_format Yes Both No
time_zone Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
timed_mutexes Yes Yes Yes Global Yes
timestamp Yes Session Yes
tmp_table_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
tmpdir Yes Yes Yes Global No
transaction_alloc_block_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
transaction-isolation Yes Yes
– Variable: tx_isolation
transaction_prealloc_size Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
tx_isolation Yes Both Yes
unique_checks Yes Session Yes
updatable_views_with_limit Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
Uptime Yes Global No
Uptime_since_flush_status Yes Global No
user Yes Yes
verbose Yes Yes
version Yes Global No
version_comment Yes Global No
version_compile_machine Yes Global No
version_compile_os Yes Global No
wait_timeout Yes Yes Yes Both Yes
warning_count Yes Session No
warnings Yes Yes

[a] This option is dynamic, but only the server should set this information. You should not set the value of this variable manually.

[b] This option is dynamic, but only the server should set this information. You should not set the value of this variable manually.